Linux Da Zero

by Marcello Missiroli

A Linux manual for command line haters(ITALIANO)


What is it? 

The Linux da zero manual was developed out of the necessity of using Linux immediatly, being able to use a graphical interface and having all the potential of a "normal" home computer at one's disposal. It is conceived for people inexperienced with computers in general (and Unix in particular). The goal it to use the computer without resorting to line command. Well, most of the time.


Linux Da Zero licensed via the FDL.


Primarilly, the manual is avaiable in PDF format. A HTML zipped file is also avaiable, although it is really NOT optimized for viewing. Starting from version 3.0, you can find the "LDZ Booklets", each one dealing with a specific topic in detail.
All editions and formats are avaiable from Sourceforge.

New Features? Bugs?

Something you'd particularily like in the next release? Follow this link. Found a bug? Click here.


Jan 05 - Release of vesione 3.2
Feb 04 - Release of new QLDZ (beta)
Sep 03 - Release of version 3.0
Aug 03 - Website restructuration
May 03 - Beta release of LDZ Booklets
Sep 02 - Release of version 2.1

Last modified: 25/01/05